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Vargen – Toxicon

September 8th


Over the recent years the Swedish singer-songwriter and Bob Dylan interpreter Vargen, has carved a reputation for infusing his music with raw emotions. On September 8th he once again demonstrates this talent with the release of the playful and swinging single Toxicon.

Photo: Jennifer West
Photo: Jennifer West

Vargen’s previous albums have firmly established his presence in the spotlight. His acclaimed renditions of Bob Dylan’s songs in both Swedish and English, along with his unique takes on the works of Swedish poet Dan Andersson, have garnered widespread recognition.

The hum-worthy Toxicon is the third single on Vargen’s (translated as ”The Wolf”) upcoming fourth self-titled album where he debuts with original songs. It’s a playful track driven by a a lounge-inspired beat that invokes the sensation of strolling down the catwalk at the pinnacle of your career, always just a few steps away from falling down. The song’s title is a clever wordplay blending ”toxic” and ”icon,” a fusion reminiscent of how a celebrity can sometimes exude a toxic aura.

Concealed beneath the moniker is Reine Johansson’s skill, an artist with origins in the rock and punk domains, and a history that includes working as a fire-eater and even directing a circus. 

Through 9 tracks the coming album takes the listener on a ride with among many others the Nick Cave-esque The Bullfighter and Them Cats – which features a guest appearance by Swedish guitar legend Jojje Wadenius. The album will be out on November 10th. 

Tour 2023 (Swedish west coast)

September 22: Recordia Live, Varberg
September 23: Recordia Live, Varberg
October 13: Falkenbergs Teater
November 3: Dramalogen, Halmstad



Written by: Reine Johansson
Recorded: Recordia, Varberg, Sweden
Produced and mixed: Fredrik Larnemo
Master: Thomas Eberger, Stockholm Mastering
Art Direction: Reine Johansson
Record label: Vargen Records
Distribution: Border Music / Redeye
Release date: September 8 2023
ISRC: SE5DK2300205



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