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Among Lynx – Lola Luna

An arid, hostile and hot landscape of sand that stretches to the horizon!
November 25


Among Lynx‘s music is brazenly uncompromising in its raw, heavy and dirty sound. Rooted in the American music tradition, the band creates a blues-scented rock genre that breaks down barriers between modern and vintage. 

Photo: Fabian Rosenberg
Photo: Fabian Rosenberg

Fronted by Eva-mi Ringqvist (Vocals & Guitar) and Elin Öberg (Harmonica & Vocals) this is a band that is best experienced live – something that audiences all over Sweden can attest to, after the countless concerts the band has performed since its inception in 2014.

Lola Luna is the band’s first step towards a more dynamic and heavier musical direction. Eva-Mi’s soaring vocals and Elin’s evocative, passionate harmonica rest heavily against the raw, melancholy guitar riffs. With melodies that will get stuck in your head, there is no doubt that Among Lynx can weave modern pop into their swinging and distinctive roots-rock.

The band tells the story behind the song:
“The blues scented roots rock tune ‘Lola Luna’ takes the listener to an arid, hostile and hot landscape of sand that stretches to the horizon. It’s a slow groove with a haunting guitar riff, that explores the world of two women who embark on a trip that ends up in unforeseen circumstances, much like Thelma and Louise did. While riding through that devilish place one of them falls, leaving the other one desperately calling the moon, crying her ally’s name. Now forever reincarnated – Lola Luna.”

Lola Luna is taken from the band’s third album, Once in a Blue Moon, which will be self-released on 24 February. The band will also be embarking on a Scandinavian spring tour in conjunction with the album, with release shows in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.



Written by: Moa Brandt & Eva-Mi Ringqvist
Release date: November 25 2022
Cover art: Johan Brosow
Press photos: Fabian Rosenberg
ISRC: SE4VH2200102



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Lola Luna (Official Video)

Lola Luna (Forest live session)